How a Christian family dealt with grief after the loss of their daughter.

In this Christian-based bereavement guide, a mother and father provide honest advice and practical tips on the painful subject of grieving the death of a child.

About the Book

Hundreds of infants, children, and young adults meet death everyday. In the early evening hours of June 20, 1997, the life of Valerie Victoria James ended as the result of a car accident.

Valerie was a vibrant, enthusiastic, beautiful Christian teenager. She was an integral part of her community and school, her favorite organizational activities, and her close knit family. But Valerie's death started her family on a journey to overcome their overpowering grief. In the process, she helped them discover a number of miracles the secular world would label as coincidences.

Over the course of a single year, thousands of families must deal with the death of a child. And they too will struggle to find answers to the very same questions as those raised by authors Cathy and Frank James:

  • How do you help?
  • Is there such a thing as closure?
  • What do you say to a bereaved family?

"It's the Journey. Not the Destination, Mom" provides the pointers and guidance that will help any bereaved family, family member, or friend of a grieving Christian to endure the journey they must travel following the loss of a child.